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chiropractor north ballarat

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Welcome to Your Chiropractor in Essendon: How Can We Help You?

Far from offering services related to back injuries only, a chiropractor in Essendon sees clients with pain stemming from a variety of problems.

Chiropractors in Essendon are experienced in treating your spine and other nerve related problems using non-surgical procedures. They also do not prescribe painkillers, they believe in the natural healing process of your body. The methods they use are spinal manipulation and body mobilisation. They also treat people suffering from persistent back pain, neck and shoulder discomfort, sports injuries, arthritis, and repetitive strains.

Our professional chiropractor in Essendon is interested in the health of the entire spine, neck, head and pelvic regions of the human body. After all, when it comes to knowing the area, your registered chiropractor in Essendon has spent years studying and building on knowledge and experience.

Chiropractors practice their discipline based on the scientific premise that the body is a self-regulating, self-healing organism. In order for the body to do this, the brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves of the body must function correctly.

We believe that strain, tension or inflammation around the spine or pelvis can interfere with the correct function of the nervous system by interfering with the signal pathways between nerves and the brain. And this can lead to all manner of problems throughout the body.

Of course, as professional chiropractors in Essendon we also understand that nutrition and exercise play a role in caring for this important system.

Should you have any problems with muscles, joints, bones or other aches and pains, why not visit your local chiropractor in Essendon? Our registered professional Essendon chiropractor will first offer an assessment, and then suggest a course of action based on professional training and experience.

If you want to improve the quality of your life or perform at your best level, stop your agonizing pain! Get the services of your local chiropractor. In Essendon, the primary objective of chiropractic care is to find the root cause your problems and alleviate pain.

Never been to see your Essendon chiropractor before? Download our special introductory offer above and call to make your appointment a Chiropractor Essendon in Melbourne today.

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